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With changing times and changing music we pride ourselves in making sure our bar is
always up to date with all your styles of music enjoyment. We have updated all speakers
and lights thru out the bar and on the outside deck to make your visit the most enjoyable
yet. We are open Wednesday thru Sunday and have something for all ages.

Make sure to check our website daily for upcoming events.

We offer a unique and fun environment where you can get a cold beer, listen to some
excellent music and watch Southside Steve as he entertains the crowd with fun
games and did we mention we have smokin’ hot girls!!!
We are located just 15 minutes south of the airport off I-75 & Ga 20 so come on
down and enjoy an ice cold beer!!! Click here to read more…

Every Bar’s Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish ListMuch the same as everyone has a wish list that they hope to fulfill each Christmas, every bar has things that they want also. It may not always be big things, but it is still there. A thought in their minds and a wish that they hope others will help them to achieve. From our club to yours this holiday season; we hope that every bar’s Christmas wish list is fulfilled to their expectations almost as much as we hope that our own will come true.

Big Upgrades for Most Bars

Whether you have a big nightclub or a small bar; chances are good, there are things that you are wishing for. These things may include having a new bar or a nicer bar top, the ability to have more draft beers available on the tap, newer speakers that can allow clearer sound, even in the outdoor areas of your club, and perhaps newer tables for more intimate groups of people to relax after work. Perhaps you do not have an outdoor space, but you want to create one for your guests to enjoy. It could be something simple and small or could be something as large as a new stage for live bands to come in and perform. Which ideas do you like the best for your bar?

Our Wishlist

Peppermint FloatWe have a lot of things that we hope to see in the coming year and therefore, we have a rather large wish list for Christmas. Our ultimate goal is to add a pool so that next year we can host pool parties to keep things more interesting for our guests. It is on our wish list for the holidays to be able to get started working in that area to make it great by the time spring comes around. For that reason, we are spending a lot of time on because they have everything we could possibly want in a pool area and in our pool area. We are also hoping to add in a new bar in the outdoor area. This means we need a new idea on creating an outstanding bar top that people will love sliding their drinks down. The fire pit is pretty much set to go, but there are a few things we can improve as far as seating areas around it.


Dreaming Big

We understand that not everyone is going to be able to help us out with our wish list. Some of it we are going to have to do for ourselves, without the help of contractors if we want to keep it affordable. Our list of ideas and hopes is constantly growing and will continue to do so as the holidays draw nearer. Perhaps even after since we are always searching for new ways to keep things exciting and without giving away our own secrets to success; you should as well. Without the wishes and the dreams of something more for your club or your home, wherever your party spot is, success comes only to those who work hard to keep things interesting. What is your Christmas wish list looking like?

Already Planning for Spring

Winter is most definitely upon us. The temperatures are dropping steadily, snow is falling all around, and everyone is planning for the winter holidays. We are sharing in some of the excitement, but we are also planning ahead for better things. We are already planning for spring and building high expectations for the summer season.

Looking Ahead

Winter Is ComingWinter is such a season of celebration for most everyone. We love seeing the twinkling lights and wishing everyone around us a happy holiday. We have the hopes that we can make spring and summer just as special. We are spending our days now, trying to come up with new ways to delight our guests in the months after holiday celebrations. A grill that can be used outdoors to provide people with their cookout favorites may even be on the list eventually, but for now, we are toying with the idea of setting up an outdoor pool for our visitors to use.

Amping Up the Excitement

Heating Up For Summer!

Heating Up For Summer!

We plan to truly build up the outdoor experience for our guests. We are installing more outdoor speakers, setting up an outdoor stage with lights that can flash, and more. A pool add-in seems like something that would make things even more fun, especially if we have a bar set up right next to the pool and a waitstaff that will bring it to you while you are relaxing on a float. It would allow us to host pool parties, have live concerts, and even an end of summer bash. We could put on our own Fourth of July celebration and invite everyone to watch the fireworks from our “backyard swimming pool”. To add a little more fun to it, we may even have a pool pong table available for people to play. It is the easy way for us to celebrate the spring and summer the way that we feel it should be celebrated. Will you take part in it with us?

Start Planning Now

There are winter activities planned already. We have them set in stone and are just waiting for the dates. Therefore, we are encouraging you to attend them and start planning now to join us for this summer’s festivities. We have so many plans in mind and we do not want to spoil it by giving them all away right now. We plan to take our summer entertainment to a whole new level and have a lot of surprises in store for anyone who joins us, especially on the weekends. In fact, if you make an appearance at our club between now and then, we hope that you will spend a little time giving us more ideas of ways that we can make the summer more exciting. What are things you would like to see? Which nights would you want pool side karaoke? Would you be interested in a bikini contest during the hottest part of summer? You can give us your suggestions and we will see what we can do to make it happen for you.

Upgrading All the Major Issues in Our Club’s Facilities

In our club, we are constantly working to improve every aspect. We want people to come to visit us and have a great time, but we also want them to be comfortable. That is why our sound system upgrades were so important. It would give people the music that they wanted without the blaring sound that many other nightclubs in our area have. Now that we have that part the way that we want it, we have decided to work on upgrading all the major issues in our club’s facilities.

Our Patrons Have Spoken

Recently, we asked what most people would want to see us do to improve the club and ensure they are happier when they come in. The answer was unanimous. Everyone felt that everything in the club was perfect, except the bathroom. We are sorry to admit that because of the frequent use, it was just as hard for us to keep our bathrooms clean. It is a common issue for all nightclubs and we fell into it as well. However, because our patrons have pointed it out, we have decided it is time to go above and beyond to ensure that our restrooms are cleaner than ever before seen in any nightclub environment.

The Best of the Best for Our Guests

In an effort to satisfy our customers, we started our search to discover what would make our restrooms function effectively and how we could keep them more sanitary, even on the busiest nights. Sinks and countertops, mirrors and toilet paper holders were easy to find. We especially like the automatic turn on and off sinks with soap dispensers that do not leave a mess behind after they are used. The toilets were a little harder to figure out. We wanted a low flow toilet that wouldn’t waste water, but we wanted it to flush powerfully enough to clean the bowl with each flush. In Atlanta, all the prices were outrageous for the type of toilets we were hoping to find. Therefore, we took our search online and found the most affordable option that would provide the best flush possible. The one we finally settled on was based on positive reviews from current owners.


Our Solution to Clean Flushing

We looked at tons of reviews, but overall, we discovered that the most positive was the Kohler Santa Rosa review. It is in homes and people love it. It is being used in other businesses and they say that it is no problem to keep it clean. We purchased one and compared the way it flushes on a busy night to the way our other toilets worked and we were impressed by how much cleaner the bowl looked. It was as clean as we would want it to be in our home. Therefore, we purchased all the toilets that we needed and spent the time to remodel our club’s bathroom. It was inconvenient and some visitors were upset about the construction going on, but the end result has been that everyone says we have the cleanest bathrooms in town. It is an achievement that we are happy to have earned.

Speaker Upgrade Coming Soon

Our nightclub is known for being “the place to be” for a lot of people in this area. We play only the most popular music on our jukebox. We also offer a lot of special nights for people to come in and show what they are able to do when they get a mic in their hands. For this reason, we feel that it is important for us to stay up-to-date with our equipment. To do so, we have planned a very special addition to our club.

About Our Plans

All of our regulars understand that we have live concerts from locals, open mic nights for our guests, and impressive shows that everyone can enjoy. Karaoke is one of the biggest activities that people love to participate in and listen to. It is what we provide to our guests that make us one of the most popular places to go for many people within the Atlanta area. The thing is, for us to stay a popular nightclub, we have to make sure that we upgrade our mics and every other aspect of our sound system. This also ensures that all of our special events sound better than ever before.

The Sound System We Want

Although we feel that the sound of our current sound system is good, we do not feel it is as great as it should be. We want a sound system that will create a cleaner sound. We want a higher level of SPL so that our bass will sound great. We want less distortion in the bass and in the amplified sounds that everyone can hear. Luckily, we have found a Speaker Supply that has everything that we want for our club.

Our speaker sets will include large ones on the stage and smaller ones around the large interior of our club to ensure that everyone gets to hear the music no matter how close they are to the stage. Our cables will be high quality, we will have stands for the equipment, a new mixer, higher quality microphones, and even a monitor so that the people who want to sing karaoke can do so.

We Invite You to Come Listen to the New Sound System

Our upgrades will be live in the very near future. We have everything we need and it is set to install. We will do a few sound tests and then we will open the doors. Our goal is to bring a new level of quality sound to Atlanta. All of this will take place during the days to come and then we invite everyone who has visited us in the past to come see what we have done. We also hope that you will bring people that you know who may not have visited us in the past. Our doors will be open, our drinks will be cold, and our sound system will be better than ever before. We promise that it will not be something you will soon forget.

New Outdoor Patio Seating

In our area, people seem to have one universal complaint. They feel that there are not enough entertainment options for young adults to enjoy. In the past, it was said that people who are single and trying to meet others in the area had not place to go. Our first goal was to give those younger people a place to go for fun and socialization. We succeeded with that part of it by offering several indoor items that would draw a crowd. Now, we have decided that our visitors still need a little more and for this; we are going to have to add new outdoor patio seating.

What Our Club Has to Offer

Inside of our club, you will find all of the most popular bar items. There are drinks and snacks for you to enjoy, pool tables for you to play, music for you to listen to, dances to be had, and karaoke for you to sing. The entire area is designated to having a good time with friends and new acquaintances. It is a friendly environment that you can visit and relax. However, it has come to our attention that for getting to know new people; some guests feel that they need a space that does not involve yelling over the music. Since our number one goal is to give people a chance to enjoy themselves, we have decided that we will soon start construction on our outdoor space.

 Additions We Will Make to Our Nightclub

Outside of our nightclub, we do not have a lot of entertainment areas at this time. This is an oversight on our behalf and it is one that we are going to change. The first steps will involve adding outdoor seating to our patio and then, because we know that everyone loves music, we will add an outdoor stereo receiver to the space as well. It may seem crazy to add sound if we are trying to create a quieter space, but you must understand that the outdoor music will be there, but it will not be as loud as it is inside. This will make it easier for you to talk to someone who has your interest, but it will ensure that you still have the music you love playing nearby.

Some Vision Ideas:

As time goes on, we are also going to add a dance space stage for you to enjoy, which is ideal for those slower dances with a significant other. We will have a fire pit set up for you to enjoy a bond fire each weekend if you want to. We will have lantern lights to increase the ambiance and relaxation that you feel while hanging out with your friends.

Why We Are Adding-On to Our Club

We have all lived in this area for many years. We understand that there are not many options for people to meet and hang out together with people who are similar in age to them. Our goal when we started was to change it all. We know that for us to be “the place” to go, we have to meet the needs of our customers and we feel that our outdoor space, will further increase our appeal to locals. Do you agree?