Monthly Archive: April 2017

Upgrading All the Major Issues in Our Club’s Facilities

In our club, we are constantly working to improve every aspect. We want people to come to visit us and have a great time, but we also want them to be comfortable. That is why our sound system upgrades were so important. It would give people the music that they wanted without the blaring sound that many other nightclubs in our area have. Now that we have that part the way that we want it, we have decided to work on upgrading all the major issues in our club’s facilities.

Our Patrons Have Spoken

Recently, we asked what most people would want to see us do to improve the club and ensure they are happier when they come in. The answer was unanimous. Everyone felt that everything in the club was perfect, except the bathroom. We are sorry to admit that because of the frequent use, it was just as hard for us to keep our bathrooms clean. It is a common issue for all nightclubs and we fell into it as well. However, because our patrons have pointed it out, we have decided it is time to go above and beyond to ensure that our restrooms are cleaner than ever before seen in any nightclub environment.

The Best of the Best for Our Guests

In an effort to satisfy our customers, we started our search to discover what would make our restrooms function effectively and how we could keep them more sanitary, even on the busiest nights. Sinks and countertops, mirrors and toilet paper holders were easy to find. We especially like the automatic turn on and off sinks with soap dispensers that do not leave a mess behind after they are used. The toilets were a little harder to figure out. We wanted a low flow toilet that wouldn’t waste water, but we wanted it to flush powerfully enough to clean the bowl with each flush. In Atlanta, all the prices were outrageous for the type of toilets we were hoping to find. Therefore, we took our search online and found the most affordable option that would provide the best flush possible. The one we finally settled on was based on positive reviews from current owners.


Our Solution to Clean Flushing

We looked at tons of reviews, but overall, we discovered that the most positive was the Kohler Santa Rosa review. It is in homes and people love it. It is being used in other businesses and they say that it is no problem to keep it clean. We purchased one and compared the way it flushes on a busy night to the way our other toilets worked and we were impressed by how much cleaner the bowl looked. It was as clean as we would want it to be in our home. Therefore, we purchased all the toilets that we needed and spent the time to remodel our club’s bathroom. It was inconvenient and some visitors were upset about the construction going on, but the end result has been that everyone says we have the cleanest bathrooms in town. It is an achievement that we are happy to have earned.