Monthly Archive: November 2017

Already Planning for Spring

Winter is most definitely upon us. The temperatures are dropping steadily, snow is falling all around, and everyone is planning for the winter holidays. We are sharing in some of the excitement, but we are also planning ahead for better things. We are already planning for spring and building high expectations for the summer season.

Looking Ahead

Winter Is ComingWinter is such a season of celebration for most everyone. We love seeing the twinkling lights and wishing everyone around us a happy holiday. We have the hopes that we can make spring and summer just as special. We are spending our days now, trying to come up with new ways to delight our guests in the months after holiday celebrations. A grill that can be used outdoors to provide people with their cookout favorites may even be on the list eventually, but for now, we are toying with the idea of setting up an outdoor pool for our visitors to use.

Amping Up the Excitement

Heating Up For Summer!

Heating Up For Summer!

We plan to truly build up the outdoor experience for our guests. We are installing more outdoor speakers, setting up an outdoor stage with lights that can flash, and more. A pool add-in seems like something that would make things even more fun, especially if we have a bar set up right next to the pool and a waitstaff that will bring it to you while you are relaxing on a float. It would allow us to host pool parties, have live concerts, and even an end of summer bash. We could put on our own Fourth of July celebration and invite everyone to watch the fireworks from our “backyard swimming pool”. To add a little more fun to it, we may even have a pool pong table available for people to play. It is the easy way for us to celebrate the spring and summer the way that we feel it should be celebrated. Will you take part in it with us?

Start Planning Now

There are winter activities planned already. We have them set in stone and are just waiting for the dates. Therefore, we are encouraging you to attend them and start planning now to join us for this summer’s festivities. We have so many plans in mind and we do not want to spoil it by giving them all away right now. We plan to take our summer entertainment to a whole new level and have a lot of surprises in store for anyone who joins us, especially on the weekends. In fact, if you make an appearance at our club between now and then, we hope that you will spend a little time giving us more ideas of ways that we can make the summer more exciting. What are things you would like to see? Which nights would you want pool side karaoke? Would you be interested in a bikini contest during the hottest part of summer? You can give us your suggestions and we will see what we can do to make it happen for you.